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In the early stages, a tech startup in Miami must discover, as soon as possible, the people, or entities, or the audience that might be receptive to the startup proposal.

Incomplete Support

About two years ago, Y Combinator closed its office in Miami. New startup support organizations appeared.
Although Miami boasts that it has a vibrant entrepreneurial support ecosystem, the system does not provide the infrastructure that entrepreneurs truly need. Discouragingly, Miami’s system provides bits and pieces of incomplete stuff.

East Coast Founders Borrowing from West Coast

The founder of Insight Inc keeps hearing remarks from other founders all over Miami. In effect, some say that the startup infrastructure is not as well developed as it is on the West coast.

Nearly all, after bumping around over a period of time, begin to realize that elements in the infrastructure pretend to be able to do things to aid startups. But, the venues are not leading to engagement or traction.

Some founders have chosen to go to the West coast to obtain investment funding and support from experienced professionals, and then they returned to Miami.

Connections & Data is Money

In particular, startups with real tech potential, in a place like Miami, must spend so much time finding reliable infrastructure and connections.  Such constant searching eats a lot of startup energy, and it costs money.

Under more ideal circumstances, most of the time should be spent on developing the original tech idea. The more time spent on this, the more promising the potential of the startup.

Most investors do not understand tech. 

In the broad category of investors, incubators, and accelerators, the head people have preconceived formula ideas about the ideal startup model.  For example, many insist that the startups must be using “tech-enabled” (i.e., cell phone apps), or they will not discuss any further.  For example, almost every investor entity uses the word “scale” as a prerequisite. Such formula ideas make exactly the same business mistake as the dot-com idea.

In the founder’s personal experience, most investors in Miami are not tech-savvy enough to assess the potential of a tech premise. They focus more on on sales-oriented business models.

The founder of Insight Inc did meet one young civil engineer, who asked about the startup, then listened to the answer, and then immediately knew what questions to ask.  One, two, three, four. Done. She knew, exactly!
Most investors do not understand tech. 

This is ‘So Miami’

Summing up, most of the startup infrastructure in Miami is tinsel and promotional racket.
Most of the entities (there to help) actually do not help very much. In these venues, connections happen slowly. Many connections happen by chance. It is a blind, slow system.

To save time, try to identify the ideal audience as early as possible.

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