Insight Inc develops algorithms to predict outright. There is no hedging involved. Mathematical analyses are used to identify upward or downward trends. We then are able to identify when to enter, as well as when to leave.

Michael Brock, the founder of Insight Inc, has a professional career in data analysis and modeling projects.

He was also trained in advanced methods for handling noisy data (aerospace). A Matlab user for 30 years, he asked “what if” questions in engineering, science, math, dynamic systems, and predictive modeling.

Michael’s first stock trading company LCM LLC earned 62% net APR.

Many things that people believe to be true … are not true. We tend to continue with what we know until the next best thing comes along.

For example, Heisenberg’s comments (1927) are far more relevant than those of Markowitz’ (1953). This can be shown if we re-cast the mathematics into the right framework.

The founder’s personal research for stock markets shows that the parameters alpha and beta are neither helpful nor relevant for price prediction. This is because the x-variables to the prediction equation are mathematically fuzzy at best, and are usually unknown.

Hedging essentially means that people do not know what will happen next.

Even the AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) methods are not working so far (compare AIEQ & SPY).

Lastly, the SEC disclosure requirement “Past performance is no guarantee of future results” in effect makes volatile returns performance “OK.”


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