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Israel I Hernandez, founder of M-3 Investments and Technology (left).
Michael Brock, founder of Insight Inc (right).
About Insight Inc

Insight Inc is a startup company developing advanced stock price prediction algorithms. We are also partnered with M-3 Investments and Technology. Each partner has over 25 years of experience in computing technology, simulations, and modeling in the corporate space.

M-3 is an up-and-running open architecture Algorithmic Trading Platform developed from the ground up by the M-3 Investments & Technology Inc founders Omar Hernandez and Israel I. Hernandez using all their knowledge and experience of 15 years in the Fintech industry serving banks, retailers, governments, and gas stations all around Mexico. Anyone with a successful trading algorithm can connect to the Platform and we’ll fund your strategy and share the revenue.

Insight founder Michael Brock is finalizing a stock prediction model based on first principles; he was a principal modeling and data analyst in aerospace, government, and industry; he has superior skill in handling noisy data.  Outputs from his model will be connected to the Trading Platform.

Our target universe includes accredited investors, high net worth individuals, angels, family offices, and hedge funds. Please refer to Disclaimer.


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